Martin de Korte studied History and Film & Television at the University of Amsterdam while he has primarily developed himself as an autodidact artist.

As an artist, De Korte is intrigued by psychological behaviour of people and searches in his work for possible explanations and consequences of this behaviour, sometimes in line and sometimes in confrontation with supposedly logical and/or scientific knowledge or systems. Themes such as causality and historical influences are also reflected in his work. His work is experimental in form but always set up from a dramaturgical origin.  In his way of working, De Korte builds personal archives, both analogue as digital. These archives form the basis for his films, sound works, installations, performances, and paintings.

As a programme-maker, De Korte combines different disciplines such as visual arts, music, film, theatre and new media. De Korte likes to explore the borders of these disciplines and to connect them in a new dialogue.

From an early age, De Korte was interested in a wide variety of music genres. At the age of 17, he started his career as a DJ and he soon performed in various clubs. With the rise of electronic music, he started making music and organising events. In 1996 De Korte began to take an interest in experimental music genres like ambient, noise, and avant-garde; he did his first live performances and in 1998 De Korte produced his first short films. In 1999, De Korte founded the company Barkode, organised art- and cultural programmes, club events, and developed audiovisual works. Barkode grew quickly through participation in international projects and exhibitions besides producing pioneering festivals and developing concepts for innovative companies.

In addition to his projects with Barkode, in 2005 De Korte became the programme-maker and creative director of the venue Off_Corso in Rotterdam. In 2007, he founded the nightclub and agency Club zonder Concessies, a platform for musicians, organizers, theatre-makers, and artists.

Early 2010 De Korte quit as director of Barkode and focussed on the development of artworks such as various paintings and collages.

From 2012 on De Korte worked on The Apollo & Dionysus Complex projects, a series of works, inspired by events from his personal life and his dealing with insomnia and depression during those years. Within these projects, De Korte did several performances and developed installations for festivals, cultural events and took part in several exhibitions.

In 2015, De Korte started programming cultural events again and also returned to the Rotterdam art and club scene with new audiovisual projects. In 2017, the circle was completed when De Korte picked up the alter-ego Barkode again and performed at the Crazy Lotus Festival in Shanghai, China.

2018 Was the year De Korte looked back at the previous years and experiences in his life and work. He produced the sound-work Audio dagboeken deel 1: 2013 (Audio Diaries part 1: 2013) and also recorded his second feature film Twee stemmen (Two Voices) which is going to be released in 2019.